Colette Kemp

Professional Overview


Colette Kemp is a goal-oriented businesswoman originally from London, England. In the earlier years of her career, Colette was a well-traveled individual, working as a Chief Stewardess on a luxury yacht. This career venture took her abroad to various European destinations, the Caribbean and the East Coast of the United States.

Colette grew in various professional ways throughout this position that often required utmost confidentiality and integrity, as she often served high-profile business executives and celebrities. What may sound like a life of glitz and glamour was often exhausting on the crew’s end. Between coordinating 5-star events onboard, hailing responsibility for interior management and handling guest services, Colette had her fair amount of work cut out for her. She feels privileged to have led this lifestyle for nearly eight years, but as is with many yachting crew members, she didn’t feel led to sustaining this lifestyle forever.


Eventually, Colette Kemp decided to pursue her inner passion for entrepreneurship, even relocating to the United States to seek out additional opportunities. Her level of passion was found to be right up to par with other entrepreneurs who have found success in the States. In commemoration of her previous yachting stint and her present passion for business, Colette co-founded Kemplon Engineering. This Marine Engineering firm specializes in ship repair services and is a trusted partner to its shipyard clients, Captains and Engineers. With her previous yachting experience, Colette already knew of some big names and potential clients in the industry, which helped build out her business plan exponentially. 


In this role, Colette Kemp oversaw a variety of operations and handled much of the business’s outreach. She was responsible for overseeing compliance, team building, finance, vendor management and logistics across various locations in the United States, also allowing her to travel when needed. Given her success with this role and passion for this industry, many found it surprising when Colette decided to step into a new business venture from her home base in Fort Myers, Florida. In August of 2020, while much of the world was still reeling from the first blow of the pandemic, Colette entered an entirely new industry, founding Kemp Funeral Group.


Through this business venture, Colette Kemp is able to exercise many of her previously attained entrepreneurial strengths like networking, financial oversight and more. Kemp Funeral Group essentially guides funeral home owners through the business transition process to ensure the continuity of care for the families they serve. Through the acquisition of these independently owned funeral homes, Kemp Funeral Group handles the gritty details of this process, designing a smooth transition for funeral home owners who are looking to retire or hand over their business. 


Colette has felt grateful to be a part of this unique field and is constantly reminded of the value of hard work. Outside of her entrepreneurship, Colette Kemp writes management-related articles for trade magazines, is a member of Toastmasters International and supports animal rescues however possible.


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