Colette Kemp in the Press

Our Interview With Colette Kemp

“Based in Fort Myers, Florida, and with a background in management and operations, Colette Kemp is an exceptional leader who has a proven track record of success.” Read more of Colette’s Surprisingly Free interview!

Colette Kemp: Owner of Kemp Funeral Home

“Colette Kemp pursued her dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur after moving to the US from England, becoming the owner of Kemp Funeral Group, Inc.” Read more of Colette’s ideamensch interview!

IFDF Funeral Profession Series

“IFDF Communications Co-Chair Colette Kemp will interview a person(s) from the funeral profession’s best of the best each month. Check back each month to read a new interview!”

Tips to Get Better Hiring Results, Attract Quality Candidates and Reduce HR Headaches at No Additional Cost for Funeral Directors

Colette Kemp writes for The Independent Reporter on ways for funeral directors to better support their hiring practices at no additional cost.

Tips to help Funeral Directors Avoid Burnout While
Performing Vital Roles and Managing a Business as We
Move Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

Colette Kemp offers her tips for funeral directors managing the difficulties thrown their way throughout the pandemic.

Hiring and Retaining Millennials and Gen Z Professionals

Colette Kemp writes on hiring and retention practices for the younger generation.

IFDF Funeral Profession 2022 Blog Series – July Interview with Mimi Mythen

“Communications Committee Co-Chair, recently interviewed a newly graduated up-in-coming funeral professional called Mimi Mythen.” View Colette Kemp’s interview on YouTube!

Kemp Funeral Group ~ Independently owned and operated ~ Founded on small business values.

“Colette Kemp is an experienced business owner and operator. She is the founder of Kemp Funeral Group. Before establishing this firm, she co-founded and grew an engineering company from start-up to 50 employees.” Learn more about Kemp Funeral Group from its Principal Colette Kemp!

Having trouble finding staff for your funeral home? Could this be why?

“Mimi Mythen is a newly graduated mortuary student who knows what Gen Z is looking for when considering a job at a funeral home.” Watch her interview with Colette Kemp!

Why you do not have a 1099 employee and why it’s important!

“Colette Kemp shares information on why you should not be referring to your 1099 contractors as employees. Colette is the principal at Kemp Funeral Group, and she has noticed a common yet innocent misstatement amongst funeral home owners referring to 1099 personnel as employees.”

How to attract, hire and retain the staff you need for your funeral business.

“In this video, Colette Kemp offers tips on using a hiring process that worked for her that you can put to use immediately. No need to hire a recruiter or spend excessive amounts of money on headhunting.”

How to offer employee benefits that provide value to your team.

“Are you a funeral service business owner who feels like you don’t have a good benefits package? This video offers tips from Colette Kemp on what has worked for her in the past.”

Colette Kemp’s tips for recruiting, retaining and connecting with your employees.

“In this video, Colette Kemp offers some tips on getting results when recruiting “in-house” and how to stop larger firms from poaching your valued team members. Visit her blog Kemp Corner, for more content written just for you, the small business owner running a funeral home, funeral home managers, and funeral professionals.”

This short video with Colette Kemp offers tips on things you can do to prepare if you think selling might be part of your plan. Learn more about our company Kemp Funeral Group here.”