One of the major stressors for Americans is their job. This actually harms companies because people are less motivated, less productive, they miss work, and they change jobs. There are always reasons for employee stress, including crime, need for more money, politics, and more, but there are ways that you can actively help your employees avoid burnout. 

  1. Try a Walking Meeting Twice a Week

If you keep your meetings at about 20 minutes and turn them into a walking meeting, you can change things up to help your employees avoid burnout. Make sure that you have an agenda, and use it to give recognition to team members or discuss any ongoing challenges and their potential solutions. This is an ideal activity in a small group, and it will leave everyone feeling refreshed. 

  1. Provide Options for Working from Home

Employees will appreciate it if you have flexible work from home options available to them. Some companies have everyone work from home once a week, while others leave it open and let employees decide. Employees can save time and frustration from commuting, and they won’t have to stress out if they have trouble coordinating child care one day. 

  1. Provide Training to Managers

Employees work under managers, and this relationship has an impact on how engaged they are and whether or not they stay. It is important to make sure that the managers at your company have training to learn how to coach and teach employees how to work on teams and as individuals. Managers need to know how to provide feedback, communicate, and set goals. 

  1. Communicate Clearly

Clear communication helps to ease employee burnout. When employees understand clearly what your expectations are and how you feel about the job they are doing, you should always be transparent and provide updates regularly. Make sure that they know where they stand and what they need to do. 

  1. Ask for Employee Feedback

Your employees are more than warm bodies carrying out functions. They have thoughts and ideas, and their different experiences can be of great value to the company. You can help them avoid burnout by showing them that their voice matters to you and to the company.